Grants received

The Landsborough Museum is a not-for-profit organisation that derives its income from entrance fees, memberships, donations, and successful grant applications. The Society would like to thank the individuals, community groups and local and state governments who have assisted the Museum over its 45 year history.

A list of grants received over recent years include:

Sunshine Coast Council

  • Heritage Levy Grant – to purchase new display cases
  • Community Partnership Funding – to assist the Society to meet its administrative expenses
  • Built Heritage Conservation Fund – to assist in the replacement of the heritage-listed Landsborough Museum’s roof
  • Heritage Levy Grant – to subscribe to an Internet-based cataloguing and database system (eHive)
  • 50th Anniversary Grant – to produce a major exhibition called The Newsmakers
  • Major Cultural Heritage Grant – to purchase a new photocopier and scanner
  • Heritage Levy Grant – to produce an educational kit for school students

Queensland Government

  • Queensland ANZAC Centenary Grant – to produce a major exhibition called Far From This Land
  • Community Sustainability Action Grant – to replace and restore the heritage-listed Landsborough Museum’s roof to better reflect its heritage values