Aniseed Balls dvd cover

Roly Chapman was born in Auchenflower, Brisbane in 1926. His reminiscences of growing up in the 1930’s will bring a smile to many readers both young and old.

With chapters covering The Flicks, Cracker Night, The Ekka, Hawking & Spitting, Made in Japan, The Rat Gang, Jargon, and Dunnies & Dunny men, these entertaining topics are also of historical interest, documenting aspects of everyday life in the 1930’s that today have been all but forgotten and are quite foreign to children of the 21st century.

Roly’s humorous, warm approach has been made even more appealing with this wonderful reading by Col Fraser. This Audio Book is a real treat whether you are a contemporary with shared memories or the child of a different generation. The 7 CD set includes over 8 hours of memories and has an index to all the stories.

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