Wreck-ollections: Vol 1 by Lance Paterson

Trying to find a comprehensive and authoritative guide to ships and shipwrecks on the Queensland coast, Lance Paterson found himself immersed for years in shoals of old newspapers, marine accident inquiries, microfilm and books, travelled thousands of kilometres up and down the Queensland coast, talked to countless fellow-searchers, and has returned to port with this first volume of Wreck-ollections: Ships and Shipwrecks in Queensland Waters.

This A-Z ready reference is coloured by remarkable tales of hardship and survival, often expressed in the words of early voyagers and newspaper reporters. As well as maps and over 170 black and white photographs, this book provides definitions of nautical terms and an index to masters of vessels, a chronology and location guide and an extensive sources list.

See also volumes 2 and 3 by the same author.

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