They all had a Heart of Gold by Mary Fleiter

The history and lives of 25 early pioneer women of Conondale has been researched and told by the creation of quilts by Mary Fleiter and the Conondale Quilters.

Each quilt is different, and depicts the spirit of these women as they helped their men open up the Conondale area.

The book contains colour photos of each quilt, along with images and the story of the featured pioneering women.

These women are Annie Tilney, Bridget and Gwendoline Ahern, Elizabeth Beausang, Hanna, Joan and Violet Minchenton, Mollie Fox and Ethel Gray, Bessie Humphreys and Kate Dixon, Winifred Hunt, Jane Nichols, Mary and Kathleen Passlow, Jane Boyle and Thelma Walters, Emma Sirl, Elizabeth Raddatz, Addel Youngblutt, May Fleiter, Minnie and Beryl English, Mary Tesch, Ruby Prior, Violet Grundon, Florence Layt, Ruth Sleba Myrtle Beusang, Mary Gittens, Rose Herron, Annie Bochow and Anna Edl.

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