Lance Paterson - my time at Landsborough Museum

After working for many years as a heavy vehicle engineer in Toowoomba I retired in 1984 at age fifty to Caloundra.

Always being interested in history I asked around regarding a Historical Society and was given the phone number of a fellow called Stan Tutt.

I gave Stan a ring and that was the start of over twenty years association with the museum.

At that stage the whole collection was housed in the Old Council Chambers and soon became very cluttered

as lots of various items of interest were being donated.

The committee, with the help of then Councilor Selwyn Carbery managed to secure the Landsborough Shire Bi-Centenary Grant to build a large extension to house the growing collection.

This building was opened in 1988 and meant lots of work for the members, as the extension was one big empty space.

I had met Jack Crees on joining the Society and as he also lived in Caloundra we would drive out together.

Jack had donated the printing press and linotype machine so our first job was to build an area for his print shop.  

Shelves had to be built and various display cupboards etc were put into place.  

The members were a proud lot when after months of work the new area was ready for public viewing.

I was later involved with the machinery area and helped setup the area and restore various pieces of machinery.

Stan Tutt had become President in 1978 and after 10 years he approached me to take over.

I accepted the Presidency and with the help of a lot of dedicated members began an era of change.

Wendy Dixon was elected Secretary the year I became President and we formed a team that transformed the museum from a collection of articles to a place where people could research on computers and hard copy material as well as inspect the collection which was constantly changed.

A good relationship was formed with Queensland Museum which resulted in the Landsborough Museum featuring various traveling exhibitions.

With the addition of local exhibitions and show days the museum became a focal point in Landsborough.

I am very proud to have served ten years as President and believe that the museum will continue to be a place of learning and entertainment for people from all over with the crew now at the helm.


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