Joseph Dixon – Buderim & Flaxton 1870-2006 by Hessie Lindsell

Joseph Dixon, who was drawn to the Buderim area in 1870, contributed greatly to the region. His coming was important and helped form the Buderim and Flaxton of today.

Joseph Dixon was a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), owned a sughar mill, sold shoes made by his brother Thomas Dixon and experimented with dairying and crop growing in Flaxton. This book includes maps, images of land purchase documents, family history and black & white photos.

Subtitled Buderim & Flaxton 1870-2006, this book includes 12 pages of supplementary notes about new information received after the book was first published. This includes more photographs, plus information on the 2006 restoration of the gravesites.

This book is a resource for researchers, local residents, visitors, developers and others with an interest in our local history.

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