In Search of Burke and Wills by Gordon Landsborough

Subtitled ‘The story of William Landsborough, Queensland’s forgotten explorer’, this second edition was published by Diana Landsborough, the daughter of Gordon Landsborough, who was a distant relative of William Landsborough. Diana added to her father’s unpublished manuscript, and produced this 210 page book.

Everyone has heard of Bourke and Wills, but few will know of William Landsborough who in the 19th century explored and opened up vast areas of land in north-eastern Australia to settlement and farming. He was considered such a good bushman and explorer that he was chosen to lead one of four search parties sent out to look for Burke and and Wills in 1861.

In the process of this search he became the first man to cross Australia from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Melbourne.

The book includes the story of the wreck of the Firefly, and contains black and white images.

See also ‘Journal of Landsborough’s Expedition from Carpentaria in Search of Bourke & Wills’.

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