Publication NamePrice Library Code
A History of Rail in Landsborough Shire by Carol Brocklesby$7.50
A Mug From The Bush - memories of life and war by Nev Anning$22
Along the Track Cobb & Co Coaches on the Sunshine Coast 1868-1890 by Hessie Lindsell$10
Aniseed Balls Billy Carts & Clothes Lines: An ABC of growing up in the thirties by Roly Chapman$25
Aniseed Balls Billy carts & clothes lines: An ABC of growing up in the thirties (A 7 disk Audio Book CD set)$40
Bald Knob - A Familiar Landscape from early times to the year 2000 by Jean Elder$30
Bankfoot House - A journey through time$10
Beerwah-Peachester RSL 1946-2009 A brief History$5.50
Brothers of Bribie Heritage by Audrey Abrahams$13
By Obi Obi Waters Maleny 1878-1978$7.50LHS 018
Caloundra: A Short Pictorial History by Anne Wensley, John & Janice Groves$13.50LHS 037
Caloundra during WWII by John & Janice Groves & Anne Wensley$20
Caloundra - The Past 100 years by Anne Wensley & John & Janice Groves$35
Caloundra's Pictorial Changes by John and Janice Groves$26LHS 121
Caloundra's Rustic Cabin by Anne Wensley & John & Janice Groves$15LHS 026
(An introduction to) The History of Caloundra by Anne Wensley$20
Caloundra - its history through the names of streets & parks/ Anne Wensley & John & Janice Groves$15LHS 109
Caloundra Souvenir & District, Landsborough & Maleny$5
Caloundra State High School - Early Years 1963-1970$20
Caloundra State School 1899 - 1999 Looking back 100 years$11
Caloundra's Lighthouses - Childrens Edition by John Groves$15
Caloundra. Then and Now - A short pictorial history of Caloundra's changes by Anne Wensley & John and Janice Groves$15LHS 075
Dearly Beloved - Weddings tell the story 1880's-1950's$30
Digging Deeper into North Bribie Island during WWII by John & Janice Groves$20
Distinction by Merit: A history of Nambour Rural School$35
Electric Memories - Connections to the past by Dr Jan King$13.50
From Board to City - The changing faces of Government$13.50
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-Witta 1892-1992$3.50
Green Legends-People power on the Sunshine Coast by Elaine Green$10
Growth of Caloundra by Erica Riis$29.50
Gubbi Gubbi Animal Friends by Christine Stuart & Susan Clark$15
Gubbi Gubbi Bush Tucker Girl by Christine Stuart & Susan Clark$15
Hinka Booma to Kenilworth 1850-1950$10
Historic Landsborough - A guide to the historic sites of Landsborough$10
Howard Street-Nambour: The cane train street by Valerie A Law$20
In Company Of Ghosts - An autobiography by Stan Tutt OAM$12LHS 017
In Search of Burke and Wills by Gordon Landsborough$29.95
In the Tracks of a Rainbow-Indigenous Culture & legends of Sunshine Coast by Robin A Wells$37
Jack Ferris - compiled by Friends of Bankfoot House$10
Joseph Dixon-Buderim & Flaxton 1870-2006 by Hessie Lindsell$10
Journal of Landsborough's Expedition-from Carpentaria in search of Burke & Wills$30
Kawana's Yesterdays by Anne Wensley & John Groves$20
Kenilworth Farmers- Assembly Hall to Gheerulla Hall by Blair & Leonie Meldrum$10
Lands Shire Records (CD) Index to rates, receipts & payments 1912-1941$40
Landsborough Museum 30 years of memories$10
Landsborough Shire 1912-1987$5
Lighthouses of Caloundra Adult Edition by Anne Wensley & John Groves$15
Looking Back Moving Forward by Gerritje Galloway$69.45
Maleny an Alternative History by Elaine Green$18
Maleny Schools' Centenary Celebration 1913-2013: 100 years of education$15
Metropolitan Caloundra Surf Lifesaving Club-The first 75 years by Anne Wensley & John Groves$40
Mitta Keri-The story of the land-this is a history of my family...was my home by Rowena Walters$20
Montville State School Centenary History 1896-1996$15
Moreton Regiment - Infantry - First Regiment of Queensland 1886$7
Nambour A Pictorial History by Audienne Blyth and Barbara Want$13LHS 079
Nambour High School 1936-1986 Golden Jubilee$5LHS 120
Neath Cedar Boughs-Education in Maleny 75 years$6.50
North Bribie Island during WWII by John Groves$15
Our Heritage - A brief history of Caloundra City by Erica Riis$8
Our Lady of the Way Landsborough - 13-15 Caloundra St, Golden Jubilee1954-2004$10
Our Sweet Icon-Sunshine Plantations Big Pineapple 1971-2011 by Kerry Brown$39.50
Peachester Cemetery - History & Register$13.50
Peachester Pioneers - The continuing story October 1998$20
Recollections of the Past Landsborough SS Celebrating the Centenary 1879-1979 No 349$5
Reminiscences of Maleny - John Sherman of Maleny by Dave Hankinson$4.50
Reflections - 100 years of the Maleny Presbyterian Church 1907-2007$15
Sunshine Coast Heritage by Stan Tutt$13.50
Switched on Queensland by Dr Jan King$30
Take a Walk Around Palmwoods$35
The Changing Faces of Government$20
The History Of Beerwah State School 1888-1988$11
The National Heritage Listed Glasshouse Mountains by Ivon Northage$12
The Palmwoods Story$5
The Resting Place by Gerritje Galloway$46.30
The Singing of the Saws by Wendy Dixon$20.00
The Story of a Building-15 Maple St, Maleny by Vic Waddell OAM$2.50
The Wreck of The Dicky by Charles Harold Mann$2.00
They all had a Heart of Gold- A quilting tribute to Conondale's Pioneer Women by Mary Fleiter$25
TOBACCO: Success & Failure$17.50
Union Jack by Dale Lorna Jacobsen$25
Walks In Caloundra - from the mountains to the sea$11
William Landsborough - A Chronology by Lyn Bateman$2.50
Wreck-ollections Vol 1 Ships & shipwrecks in Queensland waters by Lance Paterson$44.95
Wreck-ollections Vol 2 Ships & shipwrecks in Queensland waters by Lance Paterson$44.95
Wreck-ollections Vol 3 Ships & shipwrecks in Queensland waters by Lance Paterson$45.00